Wednesday, May 10, 2006

11962 is the Nation's Wealthiest Zip Code

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Real Estate Prices up 20%... Lobster Salad holding steady at $75.00 per pound.


Let the games begin! Kelly Ripa Rolls into Sagg

Kelly Ripa has reportedly purchased a Farrell Spec house off Fairfield Pond Lane for around a cool $13 million. The house is about 7,000 feet and is on about 1.8 acres. (any one or all three of these numbers may be off, but we believe we are close!)

Nearby we are told that a 1 acre lot just sold on Masefield Close (Price not yet available)

In other news, the Sagg General store is still not open.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What Real Estate Bubble? The Real Hamptons.Com

Records are being shattered... Not enough time to bitch, only enough time to bid. Let's go over some comps!

In Contract

1 Lot (40 Acres) Sagaponack (between Hedges and Daniels Lane) $28 Million

1 Acre tear-down Sagaponack (Fairfield Pond Lane (South of Daniels)) $5.4 Million

.25 Acre 800 sq. ft. Cottage Wainscott (Beach Lane) $2.8 Million (No Room for Pool!)

Just Listed

1 Acre 3,000 sq. ft. Contemporary of Questionable Taste Sagaponack (North of Daniel's Lane, abutting 40 acres above which will soon be subdivided into tasty 0.80 acre lots suitable for McMansion's for 32 year old Hedge Fund managers.) $6.9 Millon

4 Acre Post-Modern Gut Job Sagaponack (Off Hedges, South Side) Abutting same 40 acre disaster-waiting-to-happen $9.0 Million

In short, prices are up 50% in the past nine months. You do the Math!

MSH Advice: Buy in East Moriches on the water

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

New Record for a Wreck in Sagaponack

A 1.6 acre property on the South side of Hedges Lanes has reportedly gone into contract for $4.2 million. No broker was involved.

The property features a rundown barn, plastic lined pool, and about $500 worth of landscaping. It does, however, overlook the reserve attached to the Holden Court subdivision alternately known as Playboy Row or EurRow.

As of this writing, the market remains strong with only minimal inventory left.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

It's 11PM on a Friday Night in the Hamptons in the Off-Season----And I am Starving.

Ten years ago you could not get a quart of milk or a pack of cigarettes after Labor Day.

Things have changed.

However, getting a meal after 10PM is still not easy. Outside the stalwarts of the Southampton 7-11 and McDonald's, there are few choices. Here are two. Please add to this if you know of others.

WORLD PIE (Open to Midnight: Friday and Saturday)



HAMPTON BAYS DINER (Open 24 hours)



Let's come up with more.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Babbette's: Great Food, but we Can't Hold Down the Coffee.

MSH loves Babbette's. She is a democrat of the highest order and she makes a damn good smoothy. What more could we want? Well, how about a good cup of coffee. She just can't do it.

Our advice, walk down to The Golden Pear, get it to go and bring it back to Babbette's. You may get a few dirty looks from the staff but trust us.... It is catching on




Monday, October 25, 2004

Best Outside Lunch Zen-Style---No People Watching

Walk in to La Fondita and get a tray with tacos, quesadillas, and sticky Mexican soda. Take said tray (same brown one you had in junior high) and take it to one of the benches by the turtle pond and sculpture garden out back.

So eat, meditate and watch the Turtles swim the pond at Fondita. It is much more relaxing than watching the botoxed and bleached blondes babble into their Blackberries at Bobby Van's.




Best Homemade Lemonade by the Glass

Besides having pretty good Spanish food and having the cool distinction of having only Spanish locals as customers, this gritty eatery has the best lemonade by the glass in all of Long Island. It is squeezed by hand by the bartender to order. And if you put on dirty jeans, a dirty flannel shirt, and dirty Pumas, the Boys may let you in their pool game.




Yes, That is a New Subdivision in Sagaponack

One more view down the toilet kids....

A three lot subdivision has been created and three lots sold south of Daniels Lane, West of Pheasant Crossing and East of Casa de Ira Rennert. (AKA The World's Largest House. AKA The One and Only Resort at Sagaponack.) This subdivision will erase one of the last straight shot views to the ocean from Daniels Lane.

The cheapest went for $4 milllion. Each lot is about 1.8 acres in size. The road is being put in as we speak.

DID YOU KNOW THAT?: The late Jay Chiat's three bedroom beach house off of Gibson Lane sold for $12 million?

West End Road can be Yours----Ebay Style!

Famed home to Steven Spielberg and countless plutocrats, West End Road, will have two single and separate lots hit the market sometime this month.

The parcels are about an acre each and are expected to be sold at auction within the next month. Real estate pundits believe that both will fetch in excess of $20 million each. MSH does not yet know if the lots are waterfront or even have water views. For 20 bucks, we sure hope they do.

CONTACT: Whatever broker you want. They probably will make over $1 million in fees bringing you to the table if you win. They might even throw in a bottle of Veuve when you go to contract.